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Ecocities who are fortunate enough to be located in regions where there are strong annual wind speeds can harvest the wind very economically. The changeover of weather patterns from high pressure to low pressure usually creates stronger winds. When high pressure is dominant, the sky is clear so you have very intense solar energy available to our collectors. Designing your Ecocity to harvest these planet generated, green energies so that they can be used immediately or stored for consumption later on, is the option we are offering.

We have recruited the best Eurasian expertise and product lines related to wind energy providing your projects with the opportunity for competitive bids. In our northern climates, where heating is the largest annual expense, wind generators can be connected directly to your radiant floor heating systems for both residential and commercial buildings. We are using them in tandem with bore hole heat storage for regions of the planet with the proper climatic conditions.

Electric cars will be commonplace sooner than you think so Ecocity Group has developed strategies for implementing silent, visually unobtrusive windmills into the highly urbanized areas of the world.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

The search for silent, visually un-obstructive wind generators as led to the production of unique vertical turbines which are ideal for placing on top of hotels, apartments and schools in urban areas. They can also be used for residential housing having the proper type of roofs. Since they do not attract attention any more than existing rooftop chillers and ventilation units, they fit right into existing cityscapes.

For Circumpolar applications involving very severe winter temperatures, the gearbox of the vertical wind generator can be located just under the roof, thus protecting it from frigid winds. The turbines are also easily adapted to fit on top of existing silos on farms. In regions with strong winds, just below treetop level, they are very economical.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

Home size mini-horizontal windmills are now readily available and becoming more affordable. We have chosen the highest quality/least cost models for integration into the Ecocity Group integrated design solution we offer to our clients. To get the most out of them, we offer options for heating your swimming pool, radiant floor or even charging your electric car.

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