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Green Power Labs Inc. is a solar energy assessment and consulting company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Established in 2003, the Company has evolved into a leading solar expert in Canada and has built a reputation for exceptional quality of knowledge base and service. The overall focus of the company is the efficient deployment of solar energy technologies. Green Power Labs Inc. performs high resolution mapping of solar resources based on satellite-derived data and brings solar resource and solar suitability maps into comprehensive decision support systems built on the GIS platform. Using its proprietary tools, Green Power Labs provides solar potential and suitability assessment services for homes and commercial buildings, streets and communities, cities and regions. Home and business owners, energy conservation agencies and utilities, solar industry, municipal planners and property developers, homebuilders and real estate agencies benefit from Green Power Labs' assessment services. These services help the customers understand the benefit of a solar energy system in terms of energy production and energy savings, and plan solar installations most efficiently to reduce solar system costs and maximize energy output.

Green Power Labs has done exemplary work in the area of high resolution mapping of solar resources and improving the efficiency of the deployment of solar energy technologies. We are proud to have them as members of the Ecocity Group team.

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