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Humanity's «race to space» has given consumers access to advanced solar photo-electric panels. Those solar cells that powered our satellites are now being used to recharge our iPods, Laptops, and cellular phones. We are also installing massive numbers of solar electric panels to replace fossil fuels and use nature's free sun energy to provide the electricity needed to operate our homes and cars. Solar hot water panels are now being connected to the boreholes of geothermal systems now used in large housing projects in Canada and Europe. This provides the community with the means to harvest the heat of spring and summer and store it in the bedrock under the village to supply the heating energy in winter.

The Ecocity Group team is not satisfied to stop here. We want to bring solar energy into the mass consciousness and into the mass market. We are convinced that to bring solar energy from a novelty item to mass applications across the globe, educational marketing and mass manufacturing is needed. Look carefully and you will see all sizes and types of solar products in this section of our online catalogue.

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar thermal collectors can be used for heating your swimming pool, providing hot water for bathing or storing the heat of summer by raising the underground temperature of the borehole field beneath your commercial building. Most northern climatic zones have significant annual snowfalls so we need to anticipate the effect of snow accumulation on certain types of panels. Every type of collector is included in our product line so that you will find the panels most appropriate for your local climate.

Solar PV Panels

Solar electric panels are now generating megawatts of electricity to replace disappearing fossil fuels around the globe. Whether charging your PC, I-Pod, or batteries to operate your appliances in your home, these systems are beginning to make a big difference in how we access the sun`s energy.

Educational & Promotional Sunproducts

Ecocity Group has brought together, from every continent, the most advanced green technologies and the finest expertise to help their clients integrate the best options to solve their environmental problems. The biggest challenge for our clients is to communicate their ecological lifestyle message to the largest percentage of the local population. Educational solar devices play a crucial role in this process by providing lower cost, mass market ready, solar promotional items which make the link between personal use and larger systems which provide solar energy to our homes and cities.

These sunproducts provide the vehicle whereby the youth of the world are supplied with products which clearly demonstrate the link between micro applications such as charging the I-Pod or cell phone and macro scale usages like charging electric cars or bringing sun energy to the grid. Ideal for Earth Day promotions, major public events or fundraising, they are an ideal way to focus public attention on the challenge of transforming our cities into EcoCities.

Each of the products can be customized with your logo and the message you have chosen for your promotion.


For many years the IEA; «International Energy Agency», has been promoting international collaboration and technology transfer between participating countries so that the latest applications of solar energy products and techniques can be used by their members as quickly as possible. We include here examples of the most successful demonstrations.

This model solar project is one of the best examples of how to bring the future to the present, now.

The University of South Florida’s Clean Energy Research Center designed and built this solar charging station in 1994 long before the California electrical car initiative. Just imagine how much cleaner the air would have been in all major cities if this would have been adopted as public policy by all levels of public administration. In our post Katrina and Northern Ice Storm’s era we now realize how important islands of off grid power are when the grid goes down

Solar roof
Courtesy; CERC U. South Florida, Tampa

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