EGE Mining

One of our new potential costumers is EGE mining. EGE maintains an exploration strategy for porphyry copper and gold and currently has one Copper Gold project and two Gold projects located in Mongolia. Once the centre of Genghis Khan's empire, Mongolia remained hidden for centuries beneath the shadow of Russia to the north and China to the east, the engine of current global economic growth. Today, Mongolia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, able to supply the world with raw materials such as copper, gold and high quality coal. Its unique geography, combined with its emergent economic and political situation present an ideal opportunity for foreign investment in the country's resource development.

Together with its own in house resources team, EGE has formed partnerships with a number of geological and technical companies with expertise around the globe. EGE has recruited an experienced team of mining experts and expatriates, who are charged with developing and overseeing the Company's aggressive exploration programs. The focus is on building local infrastructure, well-being and economic diversity while meeting the global demand for copper and gold through continual seeking out of additional acquisitions where undeveloped properties provide opportunities for growth and economic development.

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