Integrated Design Expertise for Sustainable Communities

"Approaches & Technologies that Partner with Earth"

ERIA EcoSystems renewable energy innovation, project-management and consulting company in Hudson, Quebec, with office, laboratory, and conference facilities close to Montreal. Their Associates include architects, engineers & other professionals from across Canada.

Established in 2007 we offer integrated design expertise for Sustainable Communities - to ensure better quality AFFORDABLE housing, commercial buildings, utility services. Neighbourhoods that are healthier to live in, by becoming RESILIENT ECOSYSTEMS.

Solar, Wind, Water, Biomass/Waste, and Earth Energies are key resources - for example in community-scale grid-tied energy/water systems, or as modular MICRO-UTILITIES.

ERIA's founder Christopher Ives pioneered the concept of "House-Car" - integrating the energy needs of both the family home and their vehicles. This approach can achieve a 2/3 reduction in the greenhouse gases produced by a family - often 10-20 tons per year.

Another ERIA innovation supports new types of amphibious vehicles (US Patent) that incorporate linear waterjets, propellers, and water-turbines. Emerging new technologies include self-pumping heat transport, and compact heat & power generation modules.

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