Innomatech Telecom

International Voice Carrier Services

INNOMATECH Telecom is a Canadian based international voice carrier, operating in the broadband communications sector and specializing in the origination and termination of international voice communications and development of emerging markets.

Our extensive experience in the international telecommunications has enabled us to develop and maintain a solid partnership with over 150 international voice operators in USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zeeland, South America and Africa.

INNOMATECH Telecom has a unique experience of integration and exploitation of divergent international voice carrier networks, allowing for a creation of a stable carrier platform for a successful, high quality termination of the international voice traffic.

Our primary goal is to consistently ensure a high quality of voice communications at value prices. You will never again have to compromise performance for price.

We know the strength of your network is integral to supporting your business. Our partnerships with the industry’s leading providers give you the platform to always meet the demands of your customers.

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