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Renewable Energy Solutions

Welcome to the Ecocity Group website. Looking for advanced Protective Coating Technologies, Hydraulic Drilling Rigs or Sustainable Community Design expertise? You'll find them and a whole lot more at :

Reverse Circulation and Core drill rigs on skid, tracks or wheels mounted

High capacity multipurpose drilling rigs specifically designed for deep hole exploration drilling...

Self propelled Geothermal Drilling Rigs on tracks or wheels

Ecocity Group offers the best, most reliable and versatile drilling equipment for geothermal wells...

Construction and Blast Hole applications drill rigs

Tracks mounted DTH drilling rig for civil and construction works...

Geothermal heating and cooling

Product line of superior geothermal heat pumps developed especially for cold, northern climates...

Geothermal engineering services

Our services are intended for new buildings as well as for existing buildings that need modernization...

Solar model projects

We are fast forwarding solar into mass applications...

Sustainable Community Design expertise

Solar, Wind, Water, Biomass/Waste, and Earth Energies are of particular interest - for example as community-scale grid-tied energy systems, or as modular micro-utilities for onsite water/sewage/sludge treatment, plus containerized heat & power co-generation...

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