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Ironically, it was the race to space which gave us a more profound appreciation for how mother nature cleans our air and water using plants, trees and all the other levels of life which support them. To place humans on space stations for extended periods of time we needed to re-produce earth`s life support systems on a smaller scale to renew the air and treat the waste waters generated by the crew. This research led us to the discovery that plants can clean and renew the air in our buildings and clean our waste waters as well. Atriums in hospitals, green roofs, living walls and massive urban tree plantings have become popular in the world`s major cities.

Architects and Green Buildings

The emergence of the green buildings movement around the world has creative a creative atmosphere where teams of architects and engineers are competing to produce ever more energy efficient, non-polluting commercial and institutional buildings. LEEDS Certification, Net Zero energy use criteria and other criteria are placing the performance bar higher each year. As part of our services, we introduce you to some of the finest members of these teams and examples of their work.

Green Designers

Just as architects are constantly creating new designs for buildings in our cities, green designers and landscape architects are weaving natures` plants and trees into our cityscapes. Improving the quality of our air, cooling our buildings or simply providing eye candy for our cities` residents, their re-greening initiatives are transforming our cities into garden cities. We have collected the finest examples of this trend and bring to your attention those pioneering individuals whose project have caught the attention of the entire world.

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