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Boreal ® Indoor Pool Conditioner

Indoor Pool Conditioner Indoor Pool Conditioner operates by dehumidifying the pool room area and returning the latent heat back to the pool water. Properly sized units will provide enough excess heat to condition the air in the pool room. An integral plenum heater attachment will also bring the pool up to temperature without an auxiliary source of heat. The prime purpose of the Boreal pool conditioner unit is to maintain proper humidity levels in the pool room. During this operation the unit also supplies heat to the pool room and the pool water. The PC unit can be activated in one or both of the following manners:

3 ton/ 36000 Btu CAD$ 11300.00
4 ton/ 48000 Btu CAD$ 12000.00
5 ton/ 60000 Btu CAD$ 12900.00
6 ton/ 72000 Btu CAD$ 13000.00

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