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Boreal ® Water-to-Water ALL-in-ONE Series

All in One Heat Pump The Water-to-Water ALL-in-ONE series packages all the components required to marry an in floor heating system to a geothermal heat pump. The heat pump, a 316 SS distribution tank, domestic hot water, back-up heat, expansion tank, floor circulator, pressure gauges, thermostats and relief valves are built into one easy to install package.

The energy module series is available in loop and a well.

(including desuperheater)
3 ton/ 36000 Btu CAD$ 9800.00
4 ton/ 48000 Btu CAD$ 10100.00
5 ton/ 60000 Btu CAD$ 10800.00
6 ton/ 72000 Btu CAD$ 11200.00

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