Geothermal drill rig «Geo-Wheels» model GWT642-W

Same configuration as GT642-T rig on tracks except for Weight and Mobile characteristics

Transport Dimensions

1. Dimension & Weight (Shipping-Transport)

Length: 6.09 m <> 20’-00’’
Width:  2.38 m <>  7’-10’’
Height:   3.05 m <>   10’-00’’
Weight:  approx. 8165 kg <> 18000 lbs

2. Mobile : Hydrostatic all wheel drive & Chassis

3. Diesel power unit 

4. Hydraulic power unit & components

5. Drilling Mast & Feed assembly

Drilling Mode

6. Drill Head GR9550C

7. Rod clamps & Break-out: hydraulic jaws (Double clamps)

8. Rod Feeder (Optional)

9. Rod Handling «Robot Arm»

10. Water injection

11. Water tank

12. Control Panel


Our partner for the design and production of geothermal drilling equipment is Novamac  and we are proud to offer you their link right here.

Drilling Mode

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