Geothermal Drill GWT642
Self propelled unit on wheels

Many professionals think that this 4 wheel drive mobile system is most probably one of the best set ups we can ever have. It can move in every direction, even in very restricted areas. The 4 wheel drive axles are extremely powerful, can easily overcome crimps and climb slopes up to 50% with the same stability as the track chain, if not better. As it can be seen above, axles can move in any direction, even “around” or “diagonally”.  Any option can be added on it, including the rubber track chain. And the most important issue is that very little repair or maintenance is required when compared to the track chain.

Great advantages

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Ecocity Group offers the best, most reliable and versatile drilling equipment for geothermal wells that you can find on the international market. Whether you are drilling in conditions with restricted access for residential projects or inner city urban areas where space is very limited for new buildings, our made to order rigs are designed to save you time and money on all your contracts.

Our partner for the design and production of geothermal drilling equipment is Novamac and we are proud to offer you their link right here.

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