Geothermal Drill GT642
Self propelled unit on tracks

Geothermal Drill GT642Geothermal Drill GT642Geothermal Drill GT642

We have focused the conception of our new Self propelled unit Geo-Drill Model GT642 on the handy aspect for fast moving and quick installation, maximum production and easy maintenance repairs.

Dimension & Weight Drilling Mast & Feed assembly
Length: 6.09 m <> 20'-00'' Dump ( 0 to 100°  from the horizontal)
Width: 1.95 m <> 6'-5'' Mast structure HD designed for drill pipe of (3.00 m <> 10')
Height: 2.28 m <> 9'-00'' Pull down force
(42 000 Lbs <> 186.8 KN)
Weight: approx. 8165 kg <> 18000 lbs Pull back force with extra winch
(48 000 lbs <> 213.5 KN)

Need more details?

The majority of geothermal projects require vertical loop installations. That is why it is very important for the installer and the client to have the proper drill rig on-site which meets the requirements for efficient, low cost boreholes.

Ecocity Group offers the best, most reliable and versatile drilling equipment for geothermal wells that you can find on the international market. Whether you are drilling in conditions with restricted access for residential projects or inner city urban areas where space is very limited for new buildings, our made to order rigs are designed to save you time and money on all your contracts.

Our partner for the design and production of geothermal drilling equipment is Novamac  and we are proud to offer you their link right here.

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