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Ecocity Group was invited by Environment Canada's Biosphere in Montreal to participate in their Formula Green, Green Transport Exhibition of hybrid electric, electric, low fuel and alternative fuel consuming vehicles fair during the Grand Prix event. We invited Concordia University's Solar Research Laboratory to share our tent with us. They explained the Solar Decathlon House, the "EQuilibrium", Net Zero Energy Competition and provided information on the Solar buildings Research Network initiative.

Sevag Pogharian, the architect who designed the EQuilibrium award winning, Montreal Zero Home, created an interpretive panel explaining the "HOUSE CAR" concept. This concept, which uses the solar PV panels on your home to charge your electric car, will be demonstrated to the public during the open house visits period of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC) EQuilibrium program.

French speaking visitors to our tent were pleased to find advance copies of the House Car " Alliance voiture-maison pour sauver la plan├Ęte " article from the Quebec magazine La Maison du 21e siecle. Andre Fauteux, their Editor, graciously gave us permission to place it in our kiosk one week before its official availability in the news stands.

Our Ecocity Group team arranged for the new Vertica wind turbine to be next to the tent so that the consumers could understand that wind and sun could charge their cars and operate their homes using green energies. This novel, silent wind turbine is ideal for the inner city, suburban residential and farm applications. We also demonstrated to the children who came along with their parents some of the most dynamic micro-solar applications for charging their iPods, cameras, and cell phones.

There was great interest in all that we presented during the exhibition and our team is convinced that the house car combination, when combined with Net Zero Energy design, can reduce smog quicker that any other technological option. Imagine what clean air our children would be breathing if all the families in our urban areas replaced their second car with the electric, rechargeable HOUSE CAR!

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