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Our Russian and European experts have shown that biomass burning boilers can be integrated with geothermal/GSHP technologies to pick up the peak heating loads during winter. When properly sized for the coldest temperatures their use can reduce the number of boreholes and in some cases the size of the ground source heat pumps needed for a project. This integrated design approach reduces the payback time for clients to recuperate their investments.

Locally grown, high calorific grasses can be grown on marginal farmlands surrounding our cities and mixed with recycled waste wood. Supplementary income can be generated for farmers and the volume of waste entering landfills can be reduced. Since biomass grasses and shrubs sequester CO2, they qualify under the carbon credits and trading sections of the Kyoto accord. Ecocity Group has established collaboration agreements with some of the world's foremost experts in this area to bring to our clients the latest innovative techniques in this field.

District System Heating Engineering

In Europe district heating systems have been combined with biomass, solar and geothermal to provide heating and cooling at very reasonable cost. In North America, we have just begun to apply this new formula which optimizes the contribution each technology makes to the integrated design solution. The boilers used for district heating are capable of burning the by-products of the forest industry and a part of the municipal recycling stream. The burning process is highly efficient so there are low levels of emissions into the atmosphere.

Pellet Burning Boilers

For our biomass pellet boiler supplier we have chosen one of the most reliable and versatile models that exists on the world market. Our criteria are easy maintenance and minimal service requirements. In the regions of the world where there are ample quantities of straw and wood waste, biomass pellets are excellent sources of fuel to supply the peak winter heat demand needed in northern climatic zones.

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